Tuesday, January 13, 2009

So Anyways

So I haven't written in a while. I say this as if I actually have a regular audience, or a die-hard following that waits patiently each day for my posts to materialize. I guess I don't really mean that declaration as an apology to "my readers," just an update on my life. I haven't posted in a while, this is true.

I guess I've been going through a huge transition period. I put my freelance writing career on hold to pursue my passion for working with children. I just got tired of all the shit - working until 4:00 AM, fighting tooth and nail just to get paid for my work, and trying to discuss project requirements with utterly incompetent clients. I was beaten down, and needed to return to the world of order, where even though you get paid like 50 cents an hour, DAMMIT you get paid at the end of the week!

I enjoyed a brief stint as a full-time nanny, which exploded when I dared to request a living wage. Now I'm unemployed again, or should I say, self-employed. I'm still working, but not just for one employer, and not at just one job. I take care of an infant for 15 hours every other week, and I babysit as needed for families around the area. I also still work on one enjoyable writing job that has proved drama-free for the past few months. I spend the rest of my time cuddling with my dog, watching porn (NOT while cuddling with my dog), and running some much-needed errands (bank, pharmacy, haircut place). It's a good life, but it still leaves me with a lot of extra time during the day.

I'm applying for a number of different positions, but it appears that a woman with a Bachelor's degree is only qualified to be either a stripper or a secretary. Seriously people, no one is hiring right now, and of course I'm at a disadvantage because I only have part-time working experience. It's really depressing, and I wish I could just go on with my shopping/babysitting lifestyle. But alas, there is a $20,000 wedding to pay for in a mere 5 months, so The Feminist Writer definitely can't drop the ball on this one.

I'm still reading blogs and message boards, and participating in a vegetarian, environmentally-friendly lifestyle. I'm still around, I'm still here. I'm just not talking as much for the moment.