Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Hills: Season 4

I'm a devoted Hills fan, I won't deny it. I've been watching it since the very beginning, mostly because I can relate to it so much - moving to a new city, figuring out who your friends are, dating, getting your career started. The Hills is obviously annoying because it's set in the world's most enraging city (L.A.), but at least we can laugh at the stupid people along the way.

So I finally got the chance to see the season 4 premiere today, because on Monday I was out of town buying a puppy. Here are my thoughts:

Lauren - It's good that she's dating the new Doug guy so that Brody will be out of the picture. But he's obviously totally boring and shallow, just like her.

Lo - What an annoying, immature baby. She needs to stop being so mean to Audrina, and stop being so possessive of Lauren. It's so weird how she can't do anything without her precious L.C. by her side - you'd like it would get boring being the second banana. And what is her job, anyway? Is she going to school or something? It's like she never even does anything.

Audrina - I definitely like her, because she's just blowing Lo and Lauren off and not caring about staying in their stupid circle anymore. Just PLEASE stay away from Justin Bobby this season!

Whitney - Boring as usual. But kind of nice I guess.

Heidi and Spencer - Oh God. Why does she even put up with Spencer's antics? I don't understand why he would be so mad at her for letting her sister stay with them. Supposedly it's all just a scripted act for the cameras though.

Stephanie - Why does Lauren care so much about being her friend? She's obviously just a bitchy drama queen. I can't wait to see her stab Lauren in the back so that she'll stop getting airtime on the show.

I'll let you know my thoughts after tomorrow's new episode.

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