Thursday, October 2, 2008

Man and Wife

By now, we're all quite familiar with MTV's desperate attempts to fill late-night time slots with "educational" adult-themed programming. In the past, this has meant enduring the onslaught of productions such as Undressed, Loveline, and other short-lived entities. The newest show of this nature is titled Man and Wife, and features the advice of real-life married couple Scoop and Shanda. The show was spawned from the immensely popular internet podcast streamed from

I accidentally ended up watching the first episode of this new show a couple nights ago. I expected to find the usual pseudo-advice spewed from MTV underlings; lick this, touch that, buy her flowers, and so on. I was shocked to find that the show was actually refreshingly original and entertaining. Highlights included a caller whose husband was in the army and had been deployed for a few months. She was interested in purchasing a larger "device" in order to meet her masturbatory needs, but was wondering whether a large device would change the size of her vagina, and thus make her husband think she had been cheating on him.

Scoop's response? "Ask him to get a mold of his penis so that you can get a device made in his size. That's what I do for Shanda when I'm gone."

Shanda's response? "Just get a bigger one. I do it all the time and Scoop doesn't even know the difference."

Ha! It's hard to believe that the response to that question was even funnier than the original inquiry. The great thing about the show is that Shanda and Scoop have wonderful relationship dynamics, and Shanda consistently espouses feminist-friendly advice to both male and female callers. Case in point: A man in the audience asks how he can get his girlfriend to do a threesome with him.

Shanda's response? "Ugh, we get this question all the time! If you want to have a threesome with you and two women, you have to reciprocate by having one with you and another man. If you don't want to do that, then just forget it."

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